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Nearly 10 years ago I got into trading the financial markets. I spent a lot of money on trading courses. Lost money in my trading account, but still, that did not stop me on this passionate journey of coming a consistent profitable Trader. With all the mistakes that I have made starting out on this journey.


The ups and downs with trades at times. In the earlier years of my trading career. Then at this stage I spent more longer hours endless of hours at weekends to analysing backtesting the markets. Then as the new weeks would follow I will try out these trading strategies and fine-tuning. I really felt like I was fighting the enemy until I really realised the enemy was me.


Then the light bulbs came on, and I got my trading edge on my unique strategies and trading system i was so happy and still today as well.

I am no millionaire or am I trading a million-dollar account.


This is very important to me that you know what kind of a real person I am, on my journey and most of all real successful financial Trader.


If you are a beginner trader or advanced looking to get to the next level. I am here to teach you side by side the simple concepts of reading the markets sticking to your trading plan that we have build consistently trading with slimplicity on your journey to being a profitable Trader.


If you only have one to two hour a day to spend trading I can teach you to be very profitable or if you only have 20 minutes in the evening I can teach you another strategy that will make you consistent profits.


You have come to the right place my goal is your success.