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Forex Trading System – Trading With Harmony

I would like to ask you 4 important questions:


  1. Helping you develop your own day trading strategy so that you could…
  2. Being able to get one step closer to independence and…
  3. And having more flexibility in your life…
  4. By learning the key information, consistency and skills it takes to be a profitable day trader…


Are you ready to become the next Pro trader.

How to balance short-term cash flow and long-term growth so you don’t get overtaken by greed and make account-busting mistakes.
How to take the pressure off by using the right trade entries so you can keep losses low yet ramp up the big winners when you catch mega-trends.

You will learn how to trade success ratio right from day one as you learn the more advanced TWH strategies.

The most intelligent and reliable way to be a Pro trader, to trade effectively so you constantly pocket profits.

As a Pro the real secret to trading full time if you want to really supercharge your income.

With my New Destiny Software Multiple trade-entry confirmations so you can avoid false signals.

Consistently use multiple TF or time-frames so you can catch the big swings right as they happen.



As a Forex Day Trader on Lockdown



Even a few hours a day and if your family ask what you did during the 2020 house arrest lockdown, you can proudly tell them you were trading, managed and how to trade the markets.

Yes I have to be honest… The ugly truth has to be made 100% crystal clear…

On this planet can make savage gains from the trading the markets unless they are the proud owners of a trading system and strategy and that has been proven to convert trades into huge sums of real money.



All the Tools you Need In 1 Place Forex Beginner Trader



You will learn how to draw Support & Resistance like a pro trader so you can “predict” market turning points with great accuracy. Where and at what point to start from.

As the market conditions unfold being able to identify key areas in market conditions gives you the bigger advantage.

Market Structure every professional trader must know.

When you advance your training structure levels and zones are another huge key to reading market price as a pro Trader another huge part be able to identify these structural zones.

You will learn how to master candlestick patterns like a Pro trader.

When it comes to candlestick patterns when you learn to identify as for example King’s crown, channels, head and shoulders, etc another great advantage to reading the charts as a price unfold in front of you and to see the potential set ups.



New Destiny Trend/Trader – Over 20 settings etc



What this state-of-the-art new destiny software offers you.


Fully auto trading, semi-auto trading, manual trading.

Indicators built into it for trend trading, indicators building for or change of market Direction.

TP in short meaning takes profit SL in short meaning stop loss settings.


Management settings, trade with an amount of money to your capital size, trade with lot size, or trade with a percentage of capital.

Entering with one or two or three trades at the same time, and with different percentage lot size and management.

Management settings in the New Destiny as you have entered with your trade there are three different management settings as your trade unfolds.

Times of the day you prefer to trade. Three different time frames for multiple trade time frame settings.

As you can see this state-of-the-art New Destiny Software has all your needs covering and canned build several strategies to your style of trading not only training. But it has backtesting features as well to test your strategy in market conditions so you can 100x your strategy moving forward.


This might seem overwhelming but when you do the course it will come so much more clear and as a bonus, I am giving 2-weeks to fast-track you’re trading and much more.


The beauty trading the markets you can trade a little as one hour a day with a proven system like New Destiny or you can trade the end of day candles only 10 minutes a day with my Market Alert TWH send to the VIP members like last year we had a great year 2019


And the first quarter of this year has been another successful start of 2020 moving forward when you have the right tools to write strategy patience Like A Sniper pinpoint accuracy is key and following rules-based strategy will make you a pro Trader long term in any market conditions



Trader, Success Is waiting For you Only 1 Step Away






  • Omer El-Hamdoon
    Posted at 16:23h, 31 May Reply

    Thank you for post, Tommy. The whole trading “thing” seems quite scary for many people, at the same time it is quite exciting to be delving into.
    It’s good to see the destiny software offers so much features and helps those who want to start by have cold feet.
    What level of knowledge does a starter need to sign up?

    • Tommy
      Posted at 18:06h, 31 May Reply

      Hey Omer, thanks for your post. Yes, there is that factor when you don’t know about it. The good news is you can be a compleat beginner with zero knowledge and when you’re through the knowledge it’s so different then.
      The New Destiny software has a lot of great features.

      If you have any other question i am hear for you.


  • Nataliya
    Posted at 03:55h, 02 June Reply

    Great content, something for me to think about. I honestly always wanted to start trading, but knowing their is a lot of scam out their never gave it a chance. How long does it usually take to learn the trading system and be able to ear from it?

    • Tommy
      Posted at 15:36h, 02 June Reply

      Hello Nataliya,

      I appreciate you taking the time to have a look around the site.

      Yes with the course within the first week once you go through the course material and you set fully auto New Destiny Software that will start generating on your account trading account as to the settings this is set on fully
      auto in terms of trading on its own with the settings activated.

      In the first week as in the markets we look at our performance on a month-to-month basis but for sure; on this course within the first few weeks when you intermittent the course knowledge by the first few weeks you will see yourself trading.

      But as a complete beginner, I do advise to start with a demo account so you get the grabs of the system, how to trade and what it is all about trading like a Pro trader. Then use a live trading account.

      As part of the course, I am throwing in a big bonus in terms of Fast Track Your Trading With Me Tommy 1 on 1 where I literally hold your hand as you start trading and I analyse your trades on a week to week basis for the first 8 weeks making sure you’re on the right track.

      Thanks 🙂

  • Rani
    Posted at 18:22h, 03 June Reply

    Great information and I can see the practicality of too. You put your point across very nicely. I will definitely look into it further.

    Many thanks

    All the very Best

    • Tommy
      Posted at 23:14h, 03 June Reply

      Hi Rani,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting i appreciate that.
      For sure i have simple and very effective strategies for a complete beginner
      that you be trading in a short time.


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