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New Destiny Course

Trend Software : New Destiny

My Design Trend Software: New Destiny

I will teach you how you can use this New Destiny trend strategy to be your best friend in market correction trend and reversals. There is 1 or 2 or 3 time frames strategies built into it.

Three different styles of risk management.


Manual mode.

Semi-auto mode.

Fully auto mode, this is very useful in terms of backtesting your strategy and becoming one with it, in the fast most possible way, and profitable way how to fully auto backtesting will speed up 100x your understanding of the strategy. And getting maximum profits from each different financial market.


Back Testing = With New Destiny.

In this lesson you will learn side-by-side with me how to backtest this great trend software New Destiny. I will teach you how to set up the back testing and run it on automatic. This will speed up things dramatically, and boost your confidence in the New Destiny trend software, how it performs successfully to trade the financial markets.


Optimizing for maximum Profit in a Portfolio.

When you have back tested and got familiar in how to automatically use backtesting with my great New Destiny software.

In this stage the optimizing will 10x and speed up the fine tuning, to get maximum profits from the financial markets, and to optimizing a portfolio .

On every market you optimize on, because on the next market you optimize might not be exactly the same optimization from your previous one financial market. By having this tool you can maximize profits from each market you wish to trade.


Spreadsheet Record.

The great advantage of a spreadsheet is when you have your trading plan and your risk management, you can test past tense data. In this way you can apply the record on each test when completed that you have back tested. It’s a super way to fine-tune your strategy by keeping records and speed up of their best performance moving forward.

Overall value $3,600.00


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